Episode 4 – Linda Green – Overcoming adversity

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Linda Green, Founder and Director of Green Square Communications.

Through a series of personal tragedies, Linda maintained her passion and enthusiasm to succeed.   Linda works as a mentor to young people, to support them in finding their own path and appreciating their social value.  Linda is a volunteer for a number of youth-focused charities as well as organisations supporting the homeless.

In this episode Linda reflects on the traumatic events of her childhood including the death of her father, and a house fire that left her and her family homeless. She reveals how these setbacks changed her as a person and ultimately led her to completely rethink her goals in life. The desire to build a good life and do different, was the North Star that carried her through to creating a successful Print and Communications business.

She also talks about many life-changing experiences including her volunteer work in the community, and her incredible trip to the Sinai desert in Egypt. Hear how these experiences have changed Linda’s outlook on life!

Linda also shares what she’s most grateful for in her life and career, and what has inspired her over the years.

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