Episode 17 – Levent Yildizgoren – Defining moments that make us re-evaluate our lives

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Levent Yildizgoren, who is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, visiting lecturer at Essex University and the Managing Director of TTC wetranslate Limited. Levent works closely with his clients to overcome the language barriers and help them grow their business globally

In this episode, Levent recalls the time he took the plunge and quit his job to go full-time in the family business – how it felt having the fear of leaving a secure, relatively well-paid full-time position to start and develop a business. Levent reveals how that went, the challenges he and his wife faced and how it ultimately benefitted the family.

Levent looks back upon a terrible ski accident that left him injured and hospitalised for a year, and how that experience changed his outlook on life and made him more determined to help others to solve problems.

Levent also talks about his own podcast, Thrive in Global Markets, and the unintended benefit of it being the vast, wide spectrum of people it has enabled him to meet. Levent feels he has grown as a person and learnt so much as a result of launching this show.

Levent’s book Good Business in Any Language on Amazon.


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