Episode 12 – Julian Hall – Teaching and Inspiring Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Julian Hall who is founder and CEO of ULTRA Education, an organisation which teaches entrepreneurship in schools.  Julian created a superhero persona to get kids interested in business and now teaches kids across the country. He set up his first business when he was 18 years old and believes entrepreneurs are made, not born.

Julian was always academic, but wasn’t drawn to the natural opportunities for work that followed education. It was a desire to carve his own way in the world that led Julian to entrepreneurship. After starting many businesses Julian decided he wanted to teach entrepreneurship in schools – something he felt was missing from his earlier education.

Julian’s passion for education and inspiring young people shines through in everything he does. Hear the challenges he faced along the way, including why the DfE were unconvinced by the idea of introducing entrepreneurship onto the curriculum.

Jeff and Julian discuss a challenge that many parents face; how to inspire and support their children in achieving their dreams whilst not being dismissive of over-ambition. We often discourage children from changing course and want them to stick at something, but actually experimenting and discovering what you love is essential to success! They also explore how stress is borne out of work you do not love, and how loving your work can lead to less stress and better overall wellbeing.

Julian is now working on an entire teachable curriculum around Entrepreneurship which he intends to offer to schools for free.


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