Jeff’s Favourite Guests – Rob Stephenson – Removing the stigma around mental ill health

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Rob Stephenson, founder of the InsideOut Leaderboard and champion for improved understanding of mental health issues. Rob is an international keynote speaker and mental health campaigner who is on a mission to help create happier, healthier and higher performing workplaces.

When he was 30 Rob was diagnosed as Bipolar. Rob tells the story of how mental ill health affected him earlier in his life and how a former boss encouraged him to seek help, ultimately leading to a diagnosis. From a very dark time in his life, Rob reveals how the support of his friends and family helped him through it and how he now manages his wellbeing better through strategies such as exercise, ensuring good quality sleep and prioritising connections.

Rob and Jeff consider the importance of personal and social connections. With interaction with other people being such an important factor in maintaining good mental health, how can businesses and workplaces maintain those connections whilst embracing a more remote or hybrid way of working.

Rob is also the CEO of FormScore, a revolutionary technology start-up helping employees become more intentional about their wellbeing and helping employers with real-time wellbeing analytics. Rob reveals the story behind it, and how scoring your wellbeing out of 10 can be a simple, non-threatening way to share how you’re feeling and allow people around you to offer support when needed.

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