Jeff’s Favourite Guests – Emma Stroud – Thrive through Laughter and Authenticity

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Emma Stroud. Emma is a podcaster, author, speaker and clown!!

Em co-founded a business that offered interactive stress management workshops, leadership programmes and coaching. In 2020, she branched out on her own to deliver workplace talks, events and coaching to address staff happiness and wellbeing. Drawing on her experience with clowning, she employs pioneering techniques that force leaders to ‘take fun seriously’ at a time when, she believes, ‘it’s never been more important to find joy.’

Emma coaches CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs on life at the intersection of clowning and business – she shows you how clowning can make you a better business person and leader.

Emma and Jeff discuss the masks that many of us wear as professionals; often pretending to be someone different at work to at home. By removing these masks and being more authentic and present we can often reduce anxiety, increase productivity and be happier at work!

Em shares how to bring your human side to work through storytelling. She also has some fantastic advice for anyone struggling with any sort of challenge – to free yourself by just sitting and cutting yourself off from the ‘noise’ around you. Allowing yourself time to breath and reflect can be so powerful when it comes to needing to find a way forward.

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