Episode 28 – Celynn Morin – Creating mental margin by listening to our bodies

In this episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors, Jeff Dewing speaks to Your Wellbeing Whisperer Celynn Morin. Celynn is a registered health practitioner, professional speaker and workplace wellbeing consultant who works with business leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams, sharing practical techniques and strategies on managing energy, health, performance and improving resilience.

Our bodies are constantly whispering to us and Celynn says we need to hear those whispers and respond to them so problems don’t build up and the whispers don’t turn to shouts or screams. This is why she calls herself the Wellbeing Whisperer. We should never underestimate our bodies ability to tell us that something isn’t quite right.

Celynn explains how she became an expert in workplace wellbeing, starting at a time when not many people were prepared to listen. She persisted in her vision and has seen a complete culture shift where now wellness and wellbeing are conversations being had in every workplace, and rightly so.

Celynn marvels at the brilliance of the human body as she discusses our three intelligence centres – the head, the heart and the gut. She also explains how looking after one of those centres can impact the others. Small lifestyle changes to improve your health can have massive effects in improving your overall wellbeing.

Jeff and Celynn also discuss the power and importance of downtime and reflection. Celynn explains how giving ourselves time to relax engages our parasympathetic nervous system, which enables us to discover powerful insights and reflections into what you need for your life personally and professionally.

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