Episode 27 – “Nature has all the answers” – A panel discussion on solutions to the climate crisis

Welcome to a special episode of Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors where Jeff is joined once again by experts who are leading the way in the fight against climate change. Today, Jeff Dewing is joined by Jeroen van de Waal and Rita Carbó from The Reef Company, as well as Cloudfm’s Head of ESG Katrina Christopoulos.

The focus of today’s panel session is to explore the potential challenges or blockages to action and consider the benefits of tech or nature based solutions to the climate crisis.

The panellists begin todays episode by discussing the concept of Greenwashing where companies sometimes make spurious claims or try to suggest that their products may be more environmentally friendly than they actually are. The panel share some examples they’ve seen from false labels for dolphin-friendly tuna, to the common misconception that electric cars are sustainable when actually electricity from the grid used to charge them is often generated by fossil fuels.

Jeff asks the panel to consider the common counter arguments to climate change action, how you encourage the population of the planet to change its behaviour, and how you can bring people on the journey with you.

It was reported recently that bosses at Shell are being personally sued for the organisations failed climate strategy. The panel discuss whether this accountability could be helpful or not in ensuring businesses are focussed on climate goals.

Here you’ll find a selection of resources provided by our guests, including: social media links, websites and recommended reading.

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