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Jeff Dewing

Doing the opposite:

Business disruptors

Have you ever sat in a meeting throwing around ideas, only to be told “But that’s not how we do things around here”? Real change often only comes from challenging the status quo. In his exciting new Podcast, CEO Jeff Dewing will talk to some of today’s most daring business leaders, about the disruptive choices they made that changed the playing field forever.

Jeff Dewing is the CEO of Cloudfm Group, launched in 2011.  He began with the mission of fixing a facilities management industry that was fundamentally broken. Lack of trust, false promises and failed expectations were the norm. By going against the grain, questioning traditional practices, introducing disruptive technology and changing the very culture of the industry, Cloudfm is now helping clients to expect more from their facilities management. Doing the opposite is in Jeff’s nature. And, with this new series, he’s looking to inspire others to do the same.

Coming Soon

For a preview of the conversations and guests in our series launching in January, take a look at the video clips below.

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